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Month: September 2016

Cumbria Crystal, Ulverston

Cumbria Crystal was founded in 1976 by Lord and Lady Cavendish along with a group of local business people. Lady Cavendish designed the Grasmere cut herself and it became the first range to ever feature on Cumbria Crystal’s shelves; it is still by far the most popular cut today. Next came the Helvellyn range. It quickly became the choice of all British Embassies across the globe and helped the company grow the reputation for quality and craftsmanship it enjoys today. With a focus on quality not quantity they have a business model that has enabled them to survive as the last remaining manufacturer of luxury full lead crystal in the UK.

Enterprise Answers was pleased to assist Cumbria Crystal with its finance requirements to replace two dated kilns with modern versions which enabled the company to improve its output capacity to keep pace with growing demand. With a request to supply the crystal glassware used in the Downton Abbey TV series and the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, it is hardly surprising that this unique business has gone from strength to strength.

The Carlisle Brewing Company

“We think we’ve got the best job in the world. We spend our days making and selling the kind of beer we enjoy drinking. We love having the freedom to brew beers that please our growing band of customers and of course our own taste buds.” is how Alison and Alain Davies describe their roles within The Carlisle Brewing Company.

Having spent more years than they care to remember drinking real ale of all styles and flavours, this culminated in them buying their own pub, The Spinners Arms in Cummersdale, Carlisle in 2007 – and where naturally they continued their research!

In 2013 they set up a 2.5 barrel microbrewery on site but outgrew this quite quickly and moved to their current premises, opening a bigger plant in October 2015, thanks to finance from Enterprise Answers and a grant from the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership. They still have The Spinners Arms and it’s now their brewery tap with a good range of their beer on the bar at all times!

The heritage and history surrounding brewing in Carlisle is something that really captured their imagination and we’re really pleased to have helped Alain and Alison bring brewing back to the city after a 25 year absence.

The Killing Tree Clothing, Lancashire

Mixing trending elements of emerging fashions with strong and unique designs, The Killing Tree Clothing comes into view with an alternative to expensive high street fashion. Art is at the centre of the company, combining talents from designers, artists, models and musicians from across the world to inspire and create more art that you can wear!

“Currently there are too few boutique labels that are able to do limited runs of eye-catching garments at an affordable price” says owner Karl Sandor. “Working with aspiring and incredibly talented individuals from the modelling and creative fields, we are able to synergistically boost the profiles of our artists whilst keeping our costs down for the customer yet keep the core of our business moving, with exceptional artwork and designs.” The Killing Tree Clothing has an intrinsic link with new music and support music scenes across the country. From holding Killing Tree events at their partner venue in York at the historic venue Flibbers, to exclusive endorsement programmes that enable young bands to look great on stage whilst growing awareness of the brand across the country. “Sometimes our designs may be on the cusp of controversy, but only to highlight an issue and add credence to it” says Karl.

At Enterprise Answers we were pleased to assist Karl with his funding requirements to scale up the business. With a growing customer base, coupled with exclusivity around the design and the deliberately supressed quantity of each garment, it was clear that The Killing Tree Clothing was on to something very exceptional in the fashion market. Predominantly based online, The Killing Tree Clothing has an exciting range of garments and fashion accessories that will appeal to many.

Rustic to Regal Delicatessen, Thornton Cleveleys

For Amanda and Glen, running their own independent delicatessen really is the dream come true. After spending several years testing the waters with other career lines, they finally decided to take the plunge and launch a business that would do more than just pay the bills – “it would keep us sane!” says Amanda. So, after months of research and a lot of hard graft, Rustic to Regal was finally open for business at Marsh Mill.

Although delicatessen is perhaps the most appropriate label, Rustic to Regal is so much more. From fresh ingredients and store-cupboard ingredients, locally sourced from independent suppliers, to freshly prepared sandwiches, soups and meals and outside catering, there is no compromise on quality and taste.

Every endeavour at Rustic to Regal is influenced by both Amanda’s Irish heritage and a decade living and working in Spain. From traditional, hearty meals cooked form closely guarded family recipes, to Mediterranean, French and American cuisine inspired by cultural overseas experiences as a youth, everything sold and prepared at Rustic to Regal is from the heart. This raw passion, combined with husband and trained chef Glen’s extensive experience in all manner of kitchens and food service environments, gave them all the skills necessary to create a deli that sits at the heart (and in the bellies!) of the community.

At Enterprise Answers we were impressed with the passion, quality and commitment of both Glen, Amanda and the whole team. With finance required to upgrade and expand the premises, we were more than ready to assist. With the improvements complete and situated in a pleasant area of Lancashire beneath the windmill, Rustic to Regal have been able to scale up their business offering which now includes the new private dining experience.