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Month: May 2017

This fund is launching in Spring 2017 in memory of Duncan Lennard. It’s purpose is to invest in new companies that have good products but lack the capital to build, develop and expand.

Duncan Lennard died in April 2015 at the young age of 52. He first visited the Lake District with the Scouts in his teenage years, and spent many subsequent holidays there with friends and his family. The Lakes became a very special place for Duncan and his family, where they have a base from which to remember their many happy times.

Duncan trained as an engineer, and joined Unilever as a graduate management trainee. He ran manufacturing plants for Lever Brothers, including factories all across the Middle East.

He also worked for Brakes, the food service company, where he ran the logistics business, and later led the sales to Corporate customers.

He loved new ideas, innovation and making products. He admired entrepreneurs, and would have loved to have started his own company. He ran a new venture part way through his career, and would surely have spent the latter part of his career either supporting or leading a small business.

A year after his passing, his personal investment, as part of the leadership team at Brakes materialised, and this fund is made possible by some of that reward.

Sue Jenkins, the wife of Duncan has in his honour, set up this fund to preserve his memory and hopefully make a long term impact in the Lake District, where she and her two daughters continue to spend time.

At Enterprise Answers, we warmly welcome this rare but generous gesture to create a private fund to enable entrepreneurs to unleash their creativity and realise their potential. We are pleased to support Sue Jenkins with raising awareness of the Duncan Lennard Investment Fund.

To view the full details of the fund and how to apply, please click on the link below.